Why Technology is bad?

The reason why technology is bad is that it decreases in physical social interaction. Many teens and even adults use devices such as phones, tablets or computers to send messages to them instead of talking face-to-face to people. Another bad reason for using technology is the lack of physical activity such as going out and exercising. People spend an average of 8 hours using technology.

Why Technology is bad?
Why Technology is bad?

Some reasons why technology is bad:

1 Gadget-dependent technology

Gadget-dependent technology include making people highly dependent on devices. Some people may not even do anything without the help of technology. People also rely very much on social networks to maintain relationships and communication. This reduces the amount of face-to-face conversations.

2 Technology dependent industry

Another disadvantage of technology is that many industries depend on it, allowing employees to be well informed or have certain skills, such as computer networks. This makes it difficult for people to find work without specific technical skills.

3 Increase in pollution

Pollution affects the land where we grow, the water we drink and the air in which we breathe. The growing demand for new technologies and the advancement of technologies have given rise to many manufacturing and processing factories. As they start working hard to create the best technologies for both society and businesses, they leave harmful chemicals and gases that have polluted our environment and this has led to climate change (global warming). Therefore, the more technology we enjoy, the more we damage our environment. Many experts have tried before to implement ways to mitigate this impact by encouraging factories to be green, this has largely been achieved through the development of green technologies; Green cars, green computers, but still great effort is required to reduce air and land pollution.

4 Addicted and dependent on technology

Addiction is a powerful thing. You can be so dependent on technology that you won’t realize that you’re harming people around you. Depression, lack of sleep and anxiety become part of your life. All these factors will finally contribute to your downfall. Your body will worsen because it will neglect that your body needs to be healthy and functioning in the world. You know how all the technology around you works, but you know how to work in the outside world when technology is something you can’t depend on.

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