What is information technology

Information technology (IT) is the use of any computer, storage, network and other physical devices, infrastructure, and processes to create, process, store, and protect all forms of electronic data.

What is information technology
What is information technology

Typically, IT is used in the context of business operations rather than personal or entertainment technologies. Business use of IT includes both information technology and telephony.

According to information technology trends in 2019:

“Information technology refers to everything related to computer technology. For example, the Internet comes under the general term IT. The same goes for hardware, software and computer networks.

The software includes all computer programs – codes and instructions inside the computer. Computers do not work without software. Hardware, in this context, refers to the physical components of a computer system. The screen (monitor), mouse and motherboard, for example, are hardware elements.

Hardware vs software

You know that working with hardware and software is a big part of the work of an IT department, but what counts as hardware? And what is software? Let us analyze this important difference.

Hardware includes all the physical parts of a computer system. This includes hardware installed inside computers, such as motherboards, central processing units, and hard drives. Hardware also describes components that can be attached to the outside of the computer, such as a keyboard, mouse, and a printer.

However, keep in mind that some small tablets and laptops integrate elements such as a keyboard and mouse into the device. Basically, hardware is any part, component, or device related to computers and their networks that can physically touch and manipulate.

Unlike hardware, software is not something that can physically change. The software covers all data, applications and programs stored electronically, such as operating systems or video editing tools.

So how does this difference apply to IT careers?

Almost all IT jobs require a combination of hardware and software knowledge. Some IT workers may spend more time working with the configuration of hardware components, but those components are also governed by software. In addition, IT professionals are responsible for implementing and configuring software applications for users.

Certificate and Information Technology Jobs

IT is a broad subject that has many careers related to IT. The Information Technology Certificate is designed to target and validate the specialized qualifications of an IT professional in specific areas of information technology. The IT certificate can be obtained through evaluation of a specific set of education, experience or knowledge skills. Today hundreds of certifications are available through independent organizations and suppliers.

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