Top Symptoms Of Vitamin Deficiency

Top Symptoms  Of Vitamin Deficiency : Here I am going  to  list down  some major  symptoms  of vitamin  deficiency. If you  notice  any  of  these  symptoms  then rush to  your doctor  and get examined .

1. Vitamin D Deficiency :

Vitamin D is must and important for bones, teeth and  muscles.  The absence of  vitamin  D may lead  in less calcium retention . This can lead  about a hurting, throbbing torment in the bones. Vitamin D Deficiency also leads to very  weak muscles.

Research has proven  that with vitamin D supplementation it can increase muscle control. Some Studies say that people with lack of Vitamin D remain depress .Sweaty head is the best example of lack of vitamin D.

2. Vitamin C Deficiency:

will tend to get tired easily and experience reduced energy. Because fatigue is a symptom of so many chronic illnesses, it can be hard to catch a specific condition based on this symptom. Other  symptoms of vitamin C deficiency may experience sudden weight loss, anemia, bleeding gums, slow healing, dry hair, dry skin, and nosebleeds.

3. Vitamin B 12 Deficiency:

symptoms are hematological symptoms like Megalomaniac anemia. neurological symptoms which include tingling, loss of  memory, neuro-muscular in coordination. Some Other symptoms  include oral ulcer, stomatitis, etc.

4. Vitamin E Deficiency :

symptoms of  vitamin E definitely deficiency  include muscle weakness, coordination and walking  difficulties, numbness and  tingling, vision deterioration and immune  system  problems.

5. Vitamin B 1 Deficiency:

Symptoms include weight loss, impaired sensory perception, pain in the limbs, and  irregular heart rate.

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