Technology meaning and definition

Technology meaning and definition

1. The branch of knowledge which deals with the creation and use of technological tools and their interrelation with life, society and environment using disciplines such as industrial tools, engineering, applied sciences and pure sciences.

Technology meaning and definition
Technology meaning and definition

2. Application of this knowledge for practical purposes.

3. Glossary of an art, science etc. Technical naming

4. A scientific or industrial process, invention, method or similar.

5. The sum of those methods by social groups with the material objects of their civilization.


Technology meaning and definition


> During the Second World War aviation technology advanced significantly.

> Satellite technology provides the opportunity for continued television coverage of major international events, as never before.

> With computer technology, even people who work on their own can create professional-looking documents.

> Although the technique originated in the United Kingdom, it has been developed in the United States.

> The company’s earnings have doubled since the introduction of new technologies.


The history of technology

The history of technology includes the history of invention, development and innovation as well as the history of engineering and applied sciences. Technology historians have various backgrounds including engineering, economic history, work history, history of science, sociology and social history. Since World War II, the history of technology has acquired certain features of a discipline through the establishment of postgraduate programs and an internationally renowned academic journal. Technology historians have focused on many topics, including the relationship between science and technology, the nature of invention, development and innovation, the interaction of technology and environment, and gender studies. Technology stories have generally taken the form of fiction, but since the 1980s, sociologists interested in the history of technology have introduced social and creative network approaches. These, along with the systems approach, are methods often used by historians and sociologists of technology.


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