Powers and functions of President Of India


Dear friends in today’s post  I would  like to  explain  powers and functions of  President  Of  India.  As an citizens of India  we have so many questions  who elects  President, what are powers and functions  of  President Of India.  Let me  explain  some details.

President Of India:

First of all he is the head of  the  Indian state and first citizen of India.  Article 53 of Indian constitution gives the executive power of the union shall be vested in President.

The powers and functions  of President  Of India  can be classified  into 1. Executive 2. Legislative 3. Financial 4. Judicial 5. Diplomatic and Military

1. Executive powers and functions of President Of India:

The ministers and prime minister  of  India are appointed  by the President. He also appoints chief justice and judges of supreme Court  and high Court. He also has power to appoint  state governor, the attorney general, chief commissioner and  members of election commission.

2. Legislative powers and functions of President Of India:

President  Of India  nominates the members  of the  both houses. All the bills passed in the parliament needs consent of the president before becoming law. He lays reports of CAG, UPSC and finance commission.  He has power to dissolve the Lok Sabha.

3. Financial  powers of  the president  of India:

Without prior permission of the President no money bill can be presented  before the Lok Sabha. Budget is presented before  the  Lok Sabha by the union  finance minister only with  the  permission  of  President  Of India. Income tax and jute export tax is distributed  by President  of Indian  between  state and  the center.

4. Judicial powers  of  President Of India:

The president of  India  has power to grant pardon and he may also reduce the  sentence  of  punishment. Under article 143 of Indian constitution president can seek the advisory opinion  of the supreme  Court.

5. Diplomatic and  Military powers  of President Of India:

The President  of India  is the supreme commander of the Indian Armed Forces and all international treaties and agreements are negotiated and concluded on behalf of the President  of India.  He also represents India in international  forums and affairs.

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