Kerala Today

Even after such huge disaster by floods in Kerala. Why Centre even after huge disaster did not declare Kerala floods as national disaster?. The central government of India on Monday submitted in Kerala high court that the floods in Kerala had been categorize as a catastrophe. While responding  to a petition seeking to declare the … Read more


The Vedas are  the most holy and treasured texts of India. Thus Vedas are  collection of prayers, hymns which  were received by the  rishis ( as shruti, divine revelation. As mantras and hymns, these works were actively recited out loud to  praise and invoke the powers of the spiritual realms, and had been verbally passed … Read more

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate  marketing : Today everyone is  Interested  in making  online  money and One of the easiest forms of online marketing is affiliate marketing. Affiliate  is a marketing strategy where a merchant or a business house pays an affiliate for making a sale of their products and services. In short an affiliate marketing means  referring  or … Read more