Indian Political News Channels

Indian Political News Channels

Yes the title looks controversial  but I have taken  this heading  because  the moment  you  start your TV any news  channel  always political  debates  are on.  BJP blaming  congress and  Congress  blaming BJP.  Rest all parties are either supporting  congress  or BJP and news channels are busy in increasing  Trp.  Same subject debates again  and again  organised by TV channels  and the spoke persons don’t give  the answers which  anchors  ask instead  they blame each other parties.


Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi:

This are the two names which  have have nothing  to  do  with  some of the debates  and are dragged  by the political  spoke persons  to take away  the subject of debate and waste  time of thousands  of  people  who  are  watching  the  debate.  BJP blames Rahul for he is the president  of  Indian National  Congress and  for the amount corruption  which  happened  in the passed during  the U.P.A reign.

But despite  that Rahul has a clean  image  and  has no personal  corruption  charges.  Hence congress supporters keep him defending  and blaming  P. M Narendra  Modi.  P. M Narendra Modi  on the other  hand has huge political  experience as  Gujarat  chief  minister  and now as an Indian  Prime Minister. But he is been targeted  by opposition  for false promises  which  he made to win 2014 elections.

Ram Mandir and  Babri Masjid Dispute Ayodhya Uttar Pradesh:

This is one of the  long standing  controversial  despute  on a land plot in Ayodhya  Uttar  Pradesh.  News channel  have arranged  so many debates  on this issue  but both  BJP and Congress  spoke  persons  keep on accusing each  other still  no conclusion.  In 2014 BJP promised to  build Ram Mandir in their election campaigns and won 2014 elections .

But almost  four years past still not a single  step is taken  by BJP  government  to resolve  this  issue. What is the exact  issue  here is  The Hindus believe  that  the  Ayodhya  as the Janmaboomi  or birth place of Lord Ram but Mir Baqi  demolished  the  Ram mandir  and built  Mosque. So many hearings are going  on in supreme  Court  and issue  is not resolved .  The problem here  is  every news channel  busy in making  this as main topic  for daily debates instead  of  talking  on so many  issues  on ground reality.


Today India  is facing  several  problems like  unemployment, terrorism, economic, social etc but our news channels  are busy in  Only  political debates. Thats’ why title is Indian Political News Channels.

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