How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

The technology that man invented himself has now changed the life of a man to a great extent. It is included everywhere and in everything that happens in our daily lives. When man invented technology, he was king but now he has become a slave to technology.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives
How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

We can say it’s changing our lives every second and we’ve become accustomed. Here are the idea of Planet Today on how technology has changed our lives. The way technology has affected our lives is evident in all walks of life.

The human mind has achieved everything with imagination. It is based on the imagination that man has initiated an era dominated by revolutionary technological development.

From the day of the Moon to visit Mars to From the introduction of Microsoft Windows to the introduction of 3G and 4G technologies. From Recorder to Apple iPod to From rarely available landlines to smartphones, QWERTY phones and a rich variety of iPhones.

Here is  How Technology Has Changed Our Lives


While these events have made life incredibly easy, simple, and anything is just a click away, it has brought many negative effects on health, psychological problems and stress on daily life. Health effects surrounded by all such devices is dangerous for health.

For example starting from our mobile phone all the time or working on the computer can cause serious sight problems off non-stop. Moreover, music listing too loudly and wearing headphones for several hours can also cause hearing loss and hearing problems.

On top of that, many people are overweight because they just prefer not to move from their screens, whether it’s TV or computer, rather than doing something out of place.

They don’t want to look for inspiration anywhere outside their room. Staying fit became less popular because many workers don’t even need to leave their homes to do their tasks because all their actions can be done online.


Way Of Sharing

Today people share their thoughts, information from social media accounts. We generally share content on social media accounts. You can share anything appropriate on your social media account. We can access your social media account from anywhere on any device so you can share your thoughts there.



Who would have thought that people could get degrees from the comfort of their homes? Technology has changed our lives because knowledge and information are now flexible. With a computer and internet as small, you can have almost any kind of online education degree.


Improved communication

sustained progress in technology has ushered in many new methods of electronic communication, such as social media websites, emails, voicemails and video conferencing.

These advanced communication technology tools have helped us eliminate time and distance as obstacles to effective communication.

It is beneficial not only for our personal relationships, but also for education and business. Technology has improved cultural education by giving children the opportunity to communicate with other children from different countries and learn about different cultures.


Improving business strategy

Technology plays an important role in promoting your business on the web, improving business in media and many other sources. Various companies expand their branches around the world and join them only with the help of technology.

People find employees with high skills and abilities through technology.  Good interactive communication is the key to a successful business.



Technology and youth

Youth depends entirely on the latest technologies for everything. From school to dating and sports. Do children grow up with technology? Today’s children learn things at an early age and make them mature and ready to compete internationally.

It is good that children are learning early and are ready to fight the worst. Social networks play an important role in their lives.

They are becoming more assertive and stubborn. He has the opportunity to express his feelings and thoughts on any subject, be it political or educational. Young patriots are well versed on the internet and at the same time, some of these people have no objection to saving water, cleaning the environment and protecting girls.

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