Five Reasons Why Diwali Is Most Popular Festival Of India

Diwali is the Festival  of Light.  Diwali  is one of the  most  celebrated popular  festival of Hindus. Thousands  of Hindus  in India  and around  the  world  celebrate Diwali  with  exchange  of gifts, Fireworks and  festive meals etc. Five Reasons  Why Diwali Is Most Popular Festival Of India:

There are many reasons  for why Diwali  is most popular  festival of India but I will  highlight  the  most  important  five reasons:

1. The Return  Of Lord Rama To Ayodhya:

According  to  Hindu Epic Ramayana, it was the new moon day of Kartik when Lord Rama  along with  Site and Laxmaman returned  to Ayodhya after 14 years of Vanvaas.  The  entire  people   of Ayodhya decorated the entire  beautiful city of Ayodhya  with lamps and illuminated it like never before. Which triggered  major  celebrations in the city of Ayodhya and lighting  of 14 divas.

2. The Birthday  Of Godess Laxmi:

Another reason  for Diwali  celebration  is the birthday  of Godess  Laxmi. The Godess  of Wealth, Prosperity and Fortune. According to Hindu mythology Devas and  Asuras wanted to  achieve  mortality.  During this  process  the daughter  of King of Ocean, Godess  Laxmi came out of the sea on Kartik  Amavasya( new moon). Also Lord Vishnu married  godess  Laxmi on the same day.  So people  celebrate  this day to remember  the auspicious  occasion of birth  and marriage  of Godess  Laxmi the Godess  of Wealth.

3. Fall Of Narakaasura The Demon King:

Another  reason  for Diwali  celebration is  Lord Krishna killed the demon king Narakaasura and rescued 16000, women from his captivity. So many people  celebrate  Diwali  to remember  this occasion and as another  reminder  of  victory  Good over evil. The deliverance from such terrible Narakaasura was celebrated  with much grandeur,  a traction  which  continues  even today.

4. Special  day For Jains and Sikhs:

Another  reason  for Diwali celebration is the enlightenment  of Vardhamana Mahavira the twenty forth and last Tirtankaras of the  Jains and the founder of modern Jainism. According  to Jain scriptures, Mahavira attained Nirvana on 527 BC which  was the day of Diwali. Since then Jains are celebrating Diwali as the way to remember  and follow the  steps for the emancipation of the  human soul from this mortal world.

For Sikhs Diwali  is significant  as on Diwali  day in 1619 that their sixth religious  leader, guru Hargobind ji,  who was held by the great Mughal emperor  Jahangir in the fort of Gwalior. Was freed  from  imprisonment. And it was on the same auspicious  occasion  of Diwali the foundation  stone  of Golden Temple was laid in 1577.

5. Spiritual Celebration:

Hindu philosophy is based on concept of inner self also called as Atman. Which  means  something  that  goes beyond  the physical  self,  which  is  eternal and infinite.  Diwali  also symbolizes the light of  true knowledge dispelling ignorance and bringing  about higher awakening which leads to  compassion. Diwali  is the spiritual  time to turn  inward and light the lamps of knowledge, good   and  truth in our hearts and minds  so that we can dispel the forces of darkness and  ignorance within  us. During  Diwali  we ask goddess  Laxmi  to assist  us in cultivating and accumulating spiritual  wealth, such as compassion, forgiveness and loving kindness.


There are many  reasons for  why Diwali is most popular festival  this  are few important  five  reasons.  Let this Diwali  lead us from untruth  to truth, and from darkness  to light.



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