Disadvantages of Modern Technology

Disadvantages of Modern Technology

Since technology has many disadvantages and advantages. we cannot say that a particular problem is the biggest loss, although the disadvantage can be compared in different areas and then you can tell which area is the biggest loss. Here are some of the Disadvantages of Modern Technology.


Disadvantages of Modern Technology
Disadvantages of Modern Technology


Excess dependency:

The over-reliance on modern tools and applications, such as calculators and spell checkers, has reduced creativity. This affected the way we use our brains.

Furthermore, according to machines and modern transportation, people are at an obvious disadvantage, as they become less self-sufficient.

Loss of jobs:

Some members of the working class fear that more technology in the workplace, which often gets in the way of more automation, is replacing human workers.

Most experts agree; More technology in the workplace will result in the loss of some jobs, especially worldly, service and laborious work. These same experts suggest that we can provide better training to incoming employees to enhance their versatility in a technology-driven workplace.

Data security:

Digital technology means that large amounts of data can be collected and stored. This can be personal information about individuals or organizations. This information can be very difficult to protect. A single violation can mean a large amount of private information in the hands of criminals, terrorists, foreign enemies or other rogue entities.

Technology as expensive obsolescence:

Technological change is progressing at a very rapid pace, meaning that the technology you invest in today can be almost outdated when it is installed and in operation.

The technology curve (new phones, new laptops, latest software) keeps your company updated with the latest trends. But this is a substantial cash outlay not only for technology, but also for the renovation of related systems.

Employees must receive training in new systems, IT staff must update their certifications and capabilities, review security protocols.

Increases loneliness:

Social isolation is becoming common as more and more people spend time on social networking sites or gaming sites rather than fostering real-life relationships.

As modern technology advances, people forget how to interact with each other. They feel more comfortable with a phone in their hand or a keyboard on their fingers than having a face-to-face conversation.

Technology causes health problems:

Technology also affects our health. There are various types of diseases found in people due to the widespread use of technology.Today most people use their mobile phones. What also affects the health of people.

Some of the negative effects of technology for human health are given below.

Eye damage
Hearing loss
Increase fat
Brain cancer
Asthma problem
Skin cancer
Increase obesity


Technology has a fascinating spirit that attracts and captures younger generations. You will find that 90% of the school population is sticking to the screen of their devices which they know best. It is good to use modern technology, but if you are addicted to any modern technology, it is bad.

Universities and university students are developed enough to identify and use modern technologies in a limited way. But unfortunately, school students easily become accustomed to modern techniques and this is not a good practice.


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